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On Going Projects 

Our projects bring together artists, scientists, and environmentally conscious individuals to collaboratively explore creative solutions to global challenges. By combining diverse perspectives and expertise, we aim to drive innovation and make a positive impact on the pressing issues we face in our world today.

September, 2023
Seoul, Korea

Climate change is a global issue that demands our immediate attention, and artists have always been at the forefront of raising awareness. In response to this global challenge, we are presenting TEA (Technology and Environmental Art), an event series that merges technology and art to deepen our connection with the environment. 

TEA showcases a range of artworks that highlight the fragility and beauty of our natural world. Through poignant paintings and sculptures crafted from reclaimed materials, these pieces ignite conversations about pressing environmental issues. They serve as a reminder of the urgent need for sustainable practices and inspire us to take action.

October, 2023
MIT, Massachusetts, US

Join us at the future symposium in MIT—a captivating blend of art and science. Esteemed scientists and visionary artists will converge in a panel event focused on climate change issues. Prepare for an immersive experience as scientists share groundbreaking research while artists evoke emotions through their thought-provoking creations. This interdisciplinary gathering aims to spark dialogue, inspire innovative solutions, and foster a collective commitment to address the pressing challenges of climate change. Don't miss this transformative event, where art and science unite for a sustainable future.

December, 2023
Carol Gables, Florida, US

Experience the intersection of art and climate change at the upcoming event in Coral Gables, during Art Basel Miami week. Set in the heart of Florida, the state at the forefront of climate change impact in the US, this event brings together artists, innovators, and environmentalists. Through engaging exhibits, discussions, and installations, the event aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for action. Join us as we explore the powerful connection between art and climate change, sparking conversations and inspiring collective efforts to protect our environment.

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