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Pioneering Environmental Creativity: Pushing the Boundaries of Environmental  Art to Raise Awareness for Climate Change.

Collaborating with Institutions to Address Issues that Were Not As Prominent When Original Land Art Movement Emerged.


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Art, Science & Technology 

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Public monuments traditionally have celebrated events in human history—acts of heroism important to the human community. Increasingly, as we come to understand our dependence on nature, the concept of community expands to include non-human elements. Civic monuments, then, should honor and celebrate the life and acts of the total community, the human ecosystem, including natural phenomena. Especially within the city, public monuments should recapture and revitalize the history of the natural environment at that location. 


Land Art Forward is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire environmental awareness through the arts and sciences. The organization will work to recreate historical natural environments in their community and raise awareness about the importance of preserving natural heritage.

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